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Sperm Whale Encounter

Howard Hall

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Sperm Whale Encounter


This video was captured in Dominica. The capture format was RED 4K. Divers were Douglas Seifert and Andrew Armour. Music is by Shie Rozow.

100% of all tips will be donated to Please support in their marine mammal conservation efforts.



Were you scared? because I would have been!

Howard HallPlus

Not at all. The whales we filmed are friendly. Also, they eat squid. And though some have said I resemble a cephalopod , the whales can easily tell the difference.

Sai Shimokawa

Like an embryo swimming in the mother's womb. Magnificence of Mother Earth.

Pelagic LifePlus

Humans and marine life combined make the best subject matter to film. It is rare to see divers interacting with wildlife in your films. Very refreshing and very powerful.

$2000 USD for the permit from the Dominica Dept of Fisheries just to dive with these :(

Magic and stunning.


Magical. Wonderful work, as always!

Paula Esteve

this is what dreams are made of